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Shores Golf Club

can trace its

history back to 1928 when the land on which this

beautiful course now sits was donated to the City of Miami

Beach by M.C. Gryzmish. The City took possession of the

land a year later and began dredging and hauling in

fill to create the man made island for the course. In

1937 Howard Toomy and William S. Flynn were employed

as the golf course architects and by 1939, with dredging

efforts complete, the first plans for the clubhouse were

drawn up.

The golf course and clubhouse were completed in just

a few short years and on December 18, 1941 a dedication

ceremony was held by the City of Miami Beach.

Most of Miami Beach was transformed into a training

camp for the U.S. Army and Air Forces during World War

2 with 85% of hotel rooms leased by the military to serve

as barracks. However, the years of the post-war boom

were Normandy Shores Golf Club’s heyday and around


Miami Beach

On the Links


Enjoy spectacular views amid the tranquil greens of

Normandy Isle


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